Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub – resources and updates for members

In an effort to support members through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, MGI Worldwide has developed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hub for members to exchange information, help each other, support clients, and keep our global community together.

We encourage members to monitor this hub to access:

  • A series of live webinars available throughout the month to help provide immediate help and advice to members dealing with the pandemic.
  • Resources to help you manage your business during the crisis.
  • Resources with helpful advice on managing the psychological effects of isolation on you and your staff.
  • Links to informative articles outlining how the pandemic is affecting auditing.
  • Links to wellness guides and webinars on coping with the limitations of social distancing.
  • Updates on upcoming CPAAI and MGI Worldwide scheduled events.

We can confirm that all MGI Worldwide and CPAAI events previously programmed to take place up to and including June will either be postponed or canceled. New dates will be advised to members as the situation evolves.

MGI Worldwide is actively updating this page on a continuous basis to keep members informed on what’s happening. For further help or advice, please contact us.