MGI Worldwide with CPAAI Bi-Weekly Marketing Zoom Calls in Collaboration with Mackrell International

MGI North America, MGI Worldwide, and CPAAI Members have marketing and communications Zoom calls on the first and third Thursday of every month. The informal conversations are an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with marketing professionals across the global community. During these one-hour Zoom calls, all who join can hear directly from other members about their marketing activities and experiences and post questions via the Zoom chat feature.

Everyone is welcome to join these calls, get involved, and participate, and we encourage everyone to ‘join with video’ since our visual presence is more important now than ever.


Thursday July 22, 2021

Thursday August 19, 2021

Thursday Sept 9, 2021

Thursday Sept 23, 2021

Collaboration with Mackrell International

Managing Director of Mackrell International, Keith Heddle, and Head of Business Development at Mackrell Solicitors in London, UK, Chris Lane, and several marketing professionals with Mackrell International member firms have joined our recurring marketing Zoom calls. It has been wonderful to have Mackrell International’s participation and collaboration, and we greatly appreciate our partnership.

About Mackrell International

MGI Worldwide members have been working in close cooperation with Mackrell International members for over 30 years.

Mackrell International is our lawyer network of independent law firms. There are 90 members representing a total of 4,500 lawyers and attorneys working out of 170 offices in 60 countries.


If you would like to watch previous recordings of Marketing and Communications Zoom Calls, please contact Ana Travassos at

For more information on Marketing and Communication Zoom calls, please contact MGI North America’s Marketing Director, Nancy Damato at