MGI CPAAI Marketing Zoom Call

Is your firm facing recruiting challenges?

You are not alone! Hear from members around the world as they share their strategic marketing initiatives aimed at attracting & retaining talent

29th June 2021

As many MGI Worldwide CPAAI member firms around the world face common recruiting challenges, the Marketing Group got together last week to pool ideas and share their own strategic marketing initiatives aimed at attracting & retaining talent.

Attended by an impressive 40 members from across our global community, the call included contributions from three member firms who openly shared the different approaches they have taken to meet this increasingly common problem.

The session was an excellent example of members being willing to share knowledge and ideas to mutually benefit one another and overcome common issues.

Thank you to our speakers!

The session would not have been possible without our speakers who shared their inspiring stories:

Kyriaki Karakasili, Marketing Communications Manager and HR Recruitment at atc Chartered Accountants, Greece, shared their HR policy and experiences from a marketing perspective on recruiting staff in Greece. The firm has a focus on training and putting a lot of effort into making it a great place to work.

Samm Avis, Head of Marketing at Rickard Luckin, UK, spoke about what they have done to boost recruitment with their HR team. Samm was also joined by Sarah Johnson who has recently joined the HR and People Development team at the Firm.

Nicole Stopforth, Recruitment Officer at MGI Bass Gordon, South Africa, shared the marketing initiatives they have undertaken to reach graduates they employ as part of a 3-year Training Programme and what they are doing internally for staff wellbeing.

Missed the live event? 

If you missed the live event be sure to watch the recording – the session was deemed by many to be one of the group’s BEST EVER – also, be sure to join us for the next call on Thursday, July 8, 2021.

Presentations are available for download from MGI Worldwide CPAAI website, Member’s Area (HERE) > Marketing Resources

Does your firm face recruitment challenges?

  • Is the shortage of talent hindering your Firms’ ability to grow and invest in marketing?
  • Can marketing professionals address recruiting challenges by attracting new talent and retaining staff?
  • What strategies and techniques have been successful in your Firm?
  • What are others doing and what has/hasn’t worked?
  • Can your Firm’s membership in MGI Worldwide CPAAI help with this initiative?

If so, join us on Thursday, July 8, 2021 for Part 2 of this valuable discussion. Details here.

The Marketing Zoom Calls are are an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with marketing professionals across our global accounting network and association community.