MGI Worldwide #Tech Webinar: CaseWare: An Introduction and Update

Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your firm’s reporting and data analytics? MGI members from 21 countries joined MGI Worldwide’s most recent #tech webinar, hosted by CaseWare, for an introduction to their leading software that helps improve the ease and efficiency of the audit process. Jaap de Waard, Head of Business Development for Europe & Middle East at CaseWare, guided webinar attendees through the commercial drivers to automate the audit process and gave members a hands-on feel for what the software is like to use.

If you missed the live webinar and would like to learn more about how CaseWare can streamline your Firm’s audit process, you can watch the full recording here.

About CaseWare

CaseWare develops cutting-edge software solutions for accounting firms, corporations, and governments to change the future of audit, financial reporting, and data analytics. As the only truly global solution for paperless audit, working in many local languages and accommodating local audit needs, CaseWare is an excellent fit for many of our members. MGI will be working with CaseWare to deliver more useful and engaging webinars for more experienced users and to identify best practices and efficiencies with the software. 

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