Membership Benefits

  1. A strong business alliance among MGI NA firms to gain and sustain a greater competitive advantage in each member firm’s marketplace
  2. Collaborative go-to-market opportunities with more than 40 combined services and industries to offer clients and the marketplace
  3. Access to professionals and resources with service and industry expertise
  4. Customizable marketing, advertising, and public relations support from the Regional Coordinator Group (RCG)
  5. Allowing NA members to differentiate their firms as competition increases thru M&A in the public accounting marketplace
  6. Creation of service, niche, and industry related pdfs by the RCG
  7. Monthly MGI NA branded newsletters
  8. Case studies and success stories to assist members in practice development, created by RCG
  9. Contemporary and SEO/Content driven website
  10. Annual conferences to network with members and share member best practices.