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ProfitCents is an accounting solution designed to help firms differentiate themselves, build client relationships, provide more advisory services and perform core accounting functions with one, easy-to-use software solution. Accounting firms use ProfitCents to provide clients with easy-to-understand written explanations of their financial statements, leverage face-to-face meetings with clients and prospects and enhance analytical reviews. The solution also helps training new talent, improving client relationships, and with marketing and sales efforts. ProfitCents provides the following benefits:

  • Increase consistency and speed
  • Benchmark clients with industry data
  • Provide what-if scenarios with Projections
  • Diagnose business performance
  • Increase realization rates
  • Save time with Analytical Procedures for audits and reviews

For information on how to access ProfitCents or ProfitCents Valuation Solution, contact 984-242-2623 or